Bakery Consultants

Perrett and Kane have many decades of experience as Bakery Consultants, Food Consultants and as Confectionery Consultants and have been into hundreds of food manufacturing companies across the UK and the World to offer their expert advice.

  • Do you need help designing a new food production layout or bakery?
  • Do you require assistance with your food factory design?
  • Do you need good independent advice on the very best use of equipment?
  • Are you looking for that special piece of equipment which will streamline your production?
  • Do you have a food production problem you are struggling to solve?
  • Would you like help to turn your food machinery idea into reality?

As manufacturers and not just suppliers we have unrivalled equipment knowledge and know how.

With over 40 years industry experience as a Food Consultant, Perrett & Kane can provide the answers you are searching for – seamless integration of your new equipment, maximum efficiency and productivity.

Even if you feel your production line is ‘perfect’ , as highly skilled Bakery Consultants we are sure we can uncover further streamlining and cost saving solutions for your business.

Our industrial food machinery is designed with cost saving in mind and we ensure that our machines quickly pay for themselves and deliver a superb return on investment.

CAD  bakery production line drawing

Bakery Consultants : Our Duty to You

As consultants, whether it is as a bakery consultant, food consultant or confectionery consultant, it is our job to find a solution for your business that is both labour-saving and cost-effective to guarantee extra profitability to our clients range of businesses.

We will take the time to identify your specific needs and present a solution that suits you. Our consultative approach at an early stage can often save you money because it means you get exactly what you need and not a machine that does more than you need.

Contact us now for a prompt, personal and professional Bakery Consultancy service that will deliver the perfect engineering solution for your requirements.