Bakery Equipment

Perrett and Kane are highly regarded bakery equipment suppliers that manufacture bespoke build commercial bakery equipment for clients in the food manufacturing industry. These clients are in the bakery, confectionery, and savoury areas of industrial food production.

Bakery companies choose Perrett and Kane because they receive high quality products, value for money, quick returns on investment and a highly automated solution that reduces labour costs and increases profitability.

Thinking of going from hand production to automated production? We can help!

Our bakery machinery can be used to make cakes, gateux, tiffin, flapjacks, tattie scones, beef burgers, biscuits, marzipan, icing, fondant, caramel, pastry, pies, pasties, cream and jam as well as many other products.

Our sheeters could be used to produce a biscuit machine, industrial pie making equipment, or  as a pastry roller machine.

If you are looking for a pastry maker machine, pie maker, pastry rolling machine or pastry machines in general we can find the right solution for you. Our bakery equipment is in factories all round the UK and Worldwide. We will trial your product on one of our existing machines so we can then give you a guarantee that it will work and provide you with an exact quote.

Semi automatic 90 degree tray portioning machine

British Bakery Machinery

All our baking equipment is designed, CNC machined and built in the UK and we are proud to be supplying bakery equipment UK made to both British firms and other food manufacturers right around the globe.

Perrett and Kane are not just bakery equipment suppliers UK, but tailor made bakery equipment manufacturers so we have a wealth of knowledge and know how to draw on.

Our bakery machinery is designed with profitability in mind. Every piece of commercial bakery equipment is made to the exact needs of the client to ensure profits are maximised and costs are kept to the bare minimum.

See our case studies for some examples of our bakery machinery in action.