Bakery Sheeter – A Definite Plus in the Bakery

A Bakery sheeter, also known as a dough sheeter, is a bakery’s smart step past by-hand to automation. Although many traditional bakeries swear by the by-hand method, a bakery sheeter isn’t a machine that will sacrifice tradition. In fact, this ingenious machine is a definite asset to any bakery. Just to clarify exactly what is a bakery sheeter, is, it is bakery machine which rolls out pieces of dough of consistent size and width like a hand-cranked pasta press which is used to push out lengths of flattened pasta.

The machine itself is not a difficult concept as the sheeter pushes its dough through two rollers, which can often be purchased as add-ons of various sizes. Sheeters are often used for doughs that are prepared in large quantities, making them excellent machines to help with high traffic bakeries or cake and sweet shops as they can be used for not only flattening bread dough but also crusted foods such as pizza crusts, flatbreads, pie crusts, pastry dough and even cake fondant. The sheeter makes it far easier than rolling the dough by hand and cuts down on time needed for preparation.

bakery sheeter

Look at cake fondant. In recent years, fondant has become a popular cake decorating ingredient because of its versatility in being able to be molded like clay. Cake lovers have designed imaginative cakes with fondant with beautifully smooth sides that look so perfect the cake looks like a sculpture. More often than not that is thanks to the work of sheeting in the background. It is widely understood by those that have used fondant that rolling out is a difficult and time consuming job. Like clay, it needs to be worked, warmed and shaped. Rolling it out, even with a rolling pin can be a harder than it would seem. That’s where a sheeter helps. With the help of the two rollers within the machine that turn simultaneously together, smooth pieces of fondant are rolled out from between them in a very short amount of time.


Taking a little look at sheeting, it is easy to see the long term benefits of having such a piece of machinery in a bakery. Helping with the production line, it can transform the way a bakery does business, as it takes some of its best products and brings them to a larger audience with an increase in production without a giving up on quality. Another really handy benefit is that using a bakery sheeter makes it possible to handle a great variety of dough types. Unfortunately traditional dough production systems can’t always handle always handle such a variety of doughs. Sheeting, for example, can handle strongly hydrated wet and sticky ciabatta dough, something that takes a great deal of skill to handle to the correct consistency. Sheeting is also known to be less damaging to the gluten network in doughs, giving another point to its positives.

Overall, bakery sheeters are an item that should be looked at with all serious consideration for a definite plus to the bakery production line.

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