Cake Making Equipment UK Creates Works of Delicious Art on an Automated Line

Cake Making Equipment UK

Cake making equipment UK – the words alone stir up different images in different people. Some may think about the equipment needed to make an individual cake – the measuring spoons and cups, cake pans, mixers, cutters, piping tubes for icing and moulds. Others, perhaps business owners that work on a larger scale, may think also of the cake making equipment UK on a large scale as well. Equipment that can continuously shape and decorate their product also comes to mind.

When one thinks about cakes, it can be agreed by all that there has certainly been a progression over the last several years in the growing demand for both beautifully designed and delicious cakes. Pastry and cake shops offer gorgeously designed cakes, satisfying a growing demand for the sweets.

There are many types of equipment to choose from. For the homemaker or small pastry or cake shop owner, small scale equipment is more ideal. It is light and portable if needed, as most cake making equipment for the home or small business is meant to fit in a small space.

The cake making equipment needed for an individual depends completely on the level of professionalism focused on the cake. Certainly a beautiful cake can be created from using only the most basic cake making equipment – a cake tin, icing tubes, icing smoothers and a cake palate knife should be all that is needed to make a basic cake. From there, a plethora of equipment is available at one’s fingertips, every piece offering a different type of effect on the cake. With a growing interest in cakes that are decorated with fondant and sugarpastes, rolling pins that are embossed with designs, crimpers and modeling tools are important assets. Also, for a step further, airbrushing equipment is available to add that extra detail to the icing surface of the cake.

But with a growing demand in the marketplace for sweets, more and more bakeries and larger scale cake producers are moving from hand to automated production in an effort to meet that demand. Perrett and Kane supply a variety of food machinery including cake making and decorating equipment.

Hand to automated doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice in quality of design. It only means that many cakes of a single design can be made. Cake making equipment UK can often be configured by the manufacturer to work specifically to the desired cake design. Working with a wide variety of ingredients, there seems to be little that cake making equipment UK can do. From marzipan to icing, fondant to cream, chocolates, and jams. The possibilities are truly in the mind of the owner. Automated also allows for a step up in production. Instead of a few dozen cakes, a production line reduces the long hours of detailing often needed by hand and can produce hundreds of units in the same time frame. This increase can certainly help to expand business opportunities on a greater scale, reaching further across the UK than smaller cake shops found at the market.

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