Cake Making Machines for the Cake Making Production Line

Cake Making Machine

Cake making machines have become a set image in the mind’s a consumer’s who picture high production lines for pastries and sweets. And around the world, the cake is certainly a sweet that every continent has in common. Although, every country that has found a love for this versatile dessert has its own methods of creation some businesses, no matter the location, prefer to keep their cakes handmade. These businesses that often have a small number of staff, incidentally are not keeping their customer numbers low, per se, but keeping their cake’s exclusive. Only a small number of handmade cakes are made each day for store front selling or through special orders made directly with the shop. Many customers may believe that cakes made with a cake making machine is sacrificing on the cake’s quality, but this is a common misconception.

In today’s sweets production line, a variety of cake making machines can be installed into a bakery or sweet shop’s work area. These machines help with production in a variety of ways. From making sure the cake batter is equal in size before baking and creating beautiful cake layers with little hassle to helping to spread on creams and icings onto the cake’s surface. There are a number of cake making machines to choose from in the marketplace today, all with a different purpose for the production line. Here are just a few machines available and their function:

  1. Cake decorating machines – also known sometimes as a ‘decommatic machine’, these cake machines will continuously decorate the top of cakes with items such as chocolates, creams and jams. Machines such as these can also be configured to dispense nuts, chocolate chips and chunks, and icing sugar. This will also include a catch tray below to catch any overspill so that it can be used again.
  2. Cake cutting machines – Often configured for a specific production line, cake cutting machines do exactly as they are named. Made to cut cakes at various sizes, these machines cut down on time spent cutting, while avoiding cutting mistakes that can result from human error. These cake cutting machines will ensure that each and all cakes are cut to a specific width or length perfectly.
  3. Photo cake icing machine – This machine itself is quite advanced for the production line. Using various mixes of food icing, pictures and photos are laid onto a backing sheet and applied to a cake so the cake has a final image on its top that would otherwise have been difficult, if not impossible, to apply without this machine. These machines allow for very personalised products for customers as specific images from the customer’s own collection can be used.
  4. Shape cutting machine – The purpose of a shape cutting machine is to bypass the mould needed for shaped cakes when they are baked. Shapes such as flowers, animals, or abstract shapes are punched out in the baked cake to the desired shape and size. As this is a production line, dozens of shaped cakes can be made in the amount of time it would take to make one with a mould.

Although the list can go on with dozens of other machines with specific functions for the cake production line, the previous list gives examples of some of the most popular machine choices for a bakery or sweet shop that are looking for a step up in production.


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