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Photo Cake Icing Sheets

Perrett and Kane were approached by a company asking if we would be interested in developing a new product. The product was a printable icing sheet that could be introduced to a standard printer (edible inks). Photographs or pictures could be scanned and replicated on the edible sheets, which could then be added to the tops of celebration cakes.

The main problem that needed to be overcome with this project was the fact that the icing had to be taken down to twenty four thousandths of inch in thickness to be able to pass through a standard scanner.

Perrett and Kane took on the project and were able to design and manufacture a machine that could deal with these minute thicknesses.

The product has been successfully introduced around the globe since its development, and can be seen in many major supermarkets around the world.


Shape stamping machine

Shape Stamping Machine

We were approached by an existing customer looking for a solution to cut down on staffing levels in one particular production area of their bakery, and also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Approximately 30 – 40 people were employed to produce icing decorations for the tops of celebration cakes etc.

Within weeks of the initial enquiry we had designed a cutting machine which incorporated a standard P&K Sheeter. The cutting head was capable of producing a single line of cut shapes every three seconds. This in turn allowed a labour saving of around eighty percent, and also eliminated the possibility of repetitive strain injury.

Since the cutting machine was developed, we have taken the technology further by inventing a two dimensional moulding technique which is unique in the bakery and confectionery industries. Using the same production principles we are able to produce two dimensional shapes containing the exact detail of the customer’s original shape.

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PRESS: Taking Shape – The Baker Jul-06

With over 50 years experience in the baking and confectionery industries, Perrett and Kane Machine Services (Backwell, Bristol) has supplied the majority of celebration cake manufacturers with it’s machinery designs, including sheeters, horizontal cutters and shape stamping machines.

The latest machine to join it’s range is the P&K 2D Shape Stamping Machine, which has taken five years to develop and can produce a line of two-dimensional shapes in icing, pastry or marzipan every three seconds.

Shape boards can be changed in minutes by an operator and are a fraction of the cost of conventional rotary machine change parts, claims the company.

The 2D shape boards utilise a number of technologies in their design and are durable in every day bakery use, adds the firm. All of the detail in the customer’s original creation can be reproduced in finished moulds.