Common Commercial Bakery Equipment And The Jobs They Do

Common Commercial Bakery Equipment UK

Back in the old days, bakers would be in at work in the wee small hours of the morning, preparing their products by hand. It was tiresome, time consuming work, but the end results were what would set them apart from their competitors. The days of using a rolling pin and cookie cutters worked by hand are now mostly a thing of the past, with bakery equipment UK now bigger, better, and faster than ever before. A commercial bakery now routinely has a number of machines that do most of the time consuming jobs that used to be done by hand.

The most common piece of equipment found in a commercial bakery is the oven, although there is more than just one type available nowadays. Convection and rack ovens are the most common units used, but some bakeries like to do things a little bit differently. A revolution oven is a particularly good idea for larger bakeries, as it allows them to bake a wide variety of different products at the same time. Bakeries that are known for their bread and rolls will often use a stone deck oven to get that old school taste into their products.

One of the favourite treats that people enjoy when visiting a bakery are cookies. These come in all different shapes and sizes, which usually means that a cookie cutter is used to keep them as close to the same size and shape as possible. Bakeries that make a lot of cookies will include cookie cutters as being one of the most essential pieces of bakery equipment UK. Not only do these machines quickly cut cookie dough to the specified shape and size, they also cut down on waste as well as time.

One of the most time consuming jobs in the bakery is preparing the dough for the bread and other baked goods that need to be made every day. Commercial mixers do a great job of quickly preparing that dough while the baker goes about the other preparations that are required before the shop opens. The mixing bowls often come attached to sheeters where the dough is fed through to be made into a specific thickness. These sheeters and mixers can also be used to prepare the fondant that is often a major component of decorative birthday and wedding cakes.

That delicious bread that you love getting fresh from the bakery can come either sliced or unsliced. Rather than having to guess how many of each will be needed on a daily basis, the baker can leave them all unsliced and simply employ a bread slicer that will cut the loaf into equally thick individual pieces for the customer that doesn’t want to have to do the work.

There are all kinds of different bakery equipment UK pieces hiding back there in the kitchen, with each serving a very specific purpose. While they may all do something a little different, the common bond that they share is that they make the job of the baker a little less labour intensive.


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