Confectionery Equipment

Perrett and Kane supply a range of confectionery equipment and confectionery machinery.

Our main confectionery equipment is a sheeter. This is used as a fondant sheeter – UK companies and our clients worldwide use fondant sheeters to produce a range confectionery items.

We can manufacture a fondant sheeter in a range of widths to suit the exact client specification and will test the fondant on an existing machine to ensure the solution is well tried and tested first.

Each client uses a different icing recipe so Perrett and Kane thoroughly test the production line process using the client’s own fondant or icing before guaranteeing a machine will work.

This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that the confectionery machine they have ordered is guaranteed to do the job required. All our work is guaranteed in this way so that every client is assured of a fully functional confectionery equipment solution.

Disney Cars Cake Icing

Fondant Cutters

Once the fondant has been rolled out by the confectionery machinery it can be stamped using fondant cutters.

Fondant cutters will cut out any shape required, single flat shapes that can be indented and 2 dimensional shapes like balloons, castles, teddy bears, snowmen, hearts, butterflies etc.

Our Fondant icing cutters can be used to make any shape or pattern required up to a depth of 15ml. The fondant cutters are very precise and can be used to create a vast range of flat and two dimensional shapes.

Fondant Letter Cutters cut out letters in icing for cakes or can be used to create indents for letters to be added later. This enables clients to produce letters and shapes in  a variety of colours and designs.

Every item of  confectionery machinery and confectionery equipment that Perrett and Kane produce is designed to automate as much of the confectionery production line as possible. Our aim is always to reduce the manpower required to produce confectionery items – pushing up savings and bringing down costs in one go.

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