What is a Fondant Sheeter?

Fondant Sheeter UK

A fondant sheeter UK, or a rolling machine, is quickly becoming a must have in any professional cake bakers toolbox. Many avid amateurs are beginning to invest in these machines, as well. Fondant is a kind of cake icing which makes decorating cakes in unique, fun styles a possibility for the professional and home cook alike. Because this type of icing is so versatile, many people who purchase professionally baked cakes are turning to it to make their special creation stand out. With more customers leaning toward this icing choice, more cake makers are investing in a fondant sheeter UK. Likewise, those non-professional but avid cake bakers are investing in smaller, home-kitchen friendly models.

What Is Rolled Fondant?

Fondant is a cake icing that has a smooth texture. This texture lends itself to simple elegance and flexibility in design. Many brides are now turning to fondant as the chosen icing for their wedding cakes for just this reason, but so are those looking for the perfect birthday, graduation, and congratulation cakes. While working with fondant is often difficult for beginners to get the hang of, with a little practice, many cake decorators begin to love working with this medium. It’s difficult to turn out an ugly cake once the use of fondant is mastered.

The Old Way Vs the New Method of Making Fondant

While fondant can absolutely be rolled out by hand, and actually always has been until recently, it’s much easier to achieve a consistent, lovely icing with a fondant sheeter UK. Originally, this icing was created with the aid of spacers, a pastry mat, and a rolling pin. However, with a fondant sheeter or hand crank, the job is not only faster but much easier to achieve the desired thickness. Find out more

Why Invest in a Sheeter?

While it isn’t unusual for those who create cakes for a living to invest in a fondant sheeter, it’s becoming more common for those who dabble in it for fun to do the same. There are several advantages to having a rolling machine as opposed to the traditional rolling pin. Hand and arm pain is completely eliminated. It’s much faster to use a machine than to hand roll fondant. Also, there’s less risk of damaging large pieces of icing, saving both time and money. The thickness is easy to control with a machine, as well. For those professionals who turn to these machines for daily orders, there is a distinct financial advantage because less labour and time is required. Although machines can be costly, those who use them frequently will quickly see their worth.

Professional cake bakers everywhere are turning to the handy, consistent help that a fondant sheeter offers. Likewise, many experienced home cooks are doing the same just on a smaller scale. While there is the issue of cost, those who make fondant on a daily, or even weekly, basis find these machines to be invaluable. Actually, with the rise in fondant’s popularity, the time and labour a sheeter replaces will quickly offset its cost.

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