Food Machinery

Perrett and Kane are specialist custom food machinery manufacturers UK based but supplying bespoke food manufacture equipment worldwide.

We deliver industrial food production machines to some of the largest food manufacturing companies in the UK and Worldwide.

Every one of our food machines are designed, engineered and built in the UK to the highest British Standards and European Machine Directives.

As a highly regarded British company we strive to deliver the very best food processing equipment to our food manufacturing clients.

Our food processing machinery is built to last, to exacting British standards and all our food machinery and equipment has the CE mark.

Food Machinery - Sheeter

Food Production Line Machinery

All food production machines are, by necessity, unique. Perrett and Kane deliver bespoke food production machinery solutions that perfectly match the needs of your food production line to make your food manufacture operations as efficient as possible.

Every item of food manufacturing equipment is made using the most hygienic materials possible and our food making machines are designed for easy access cleaning and maintenance. Our highly qualified engineers understand the importance of designing food forming machines without areas that gather food particles or other food debris.

To ensure our clients the utmost profitability our food manufacturing machinery is designed to reduce waste, increase production and automate as much of the process as possible. All food process machinery is designed to enable clients to move their manpower away to other areas of the food production line.

We can assist you in many ways – factory design and layout – problem solving – increasing profits – decreasing costs – automating production lines – see more about our Services here.

Food Machinery UK

Perrett and Kane are proud to be British manufacturers and all the parts for our industrial bakery equipment are machined and produced here in the UK.

As British food processing equipment manufacturers, we understand the importance of building tough machines that can withstand the pressure of the high demands of food manufacturing.

Our industrial food machinery is built from high quality materials that are both durable and hygienic.

With many decades of experience, Perrett and Kane are a food machinery company that deliver high quality products that stand the test of time.

When compared with overseas companies we stand out for our highly durable, top quality machinery, our first class service, quick response time for spares and repairs and an ability to deliver to the client exactly the solution they need.

Want to know more about Perrett & Kane and our bespoke industrial machinery? Find out more About Us here.