How to Get The Best Fondant Sheeter

Fondant Sheeter

What makes a cake really impressive is not only its taste, but its appearance as well. There are many methods to decorate a cake, as well as many types of icing. Fondant icing makes any cake look flawless though. However, it is better to use a fondant sheet for that picture perfect cake.

The easiest way to obtain perfect looking fondant icing is by using a special fondant machine. The fondant sheeter is actually a food sheeter and it can be used for various types of foods. For instance, you can have it manufactured to lay beef burgers, marzipan, or even jam. It is best to get a food sheeter made of stainless steel, to be sure of its high quality. A stainless steel fondant sheeter will not rust, so the cakes will always be safe for consumption.

A really good food sheeter has rollers for the top and the bottom to ensure a speedy process. The rollers should function independently from one another. A good food or fondant sheeter can be connected to a shape cutter as well. Your work will be considerably faster and less stressful with a food sheeter and a shape cutter. The less stressed you are when you are working, the better the cake will turn out to be. People can visually tell when a cake was made by a stressed person because the frosting and other decorations will likely be off. Pay attention to how many speed options your machine comes with. Some of them have one speed while others have 2 speed options, with up to 3 feet per minute of laid sheets.

Before you get your food sheeter you must test it out because each recipe is different. This influences the thickness, stickiness, and density of the icing. Usually the test is done with your recipe on a machine that is already built, serving as a standard. After the test, all adjustments are done by experienced technicians specialized in food manufacturing. Keep in mind that a fondant sheeter has a few different features compared to a sheeter for pastry or icing. You can have the machine modified to cut the fondant into lanes, if needed.

These are some of the most important features your sheeter must have: Sheet thickness control which allows sheets as thin as 3 mm, and as thick as 20 mm, easy access to the rollers for cleaning purposes, and a stainless steel frame which means the machine will not easily get dirty. This also means the sheeter is made with hygiene in mind. It is also important to have a mobile electric panel as well. Keeping it clean will be easier this way.

Before you get your sheeter for your bakery or other type of food factory, look to see how experienced the company is. Checking their offered services, such as maintenance, is another key point to remember. Some companies have more than 40 years of experience in making machines for food factories and offer various other services aside from maintenance too.

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