Guide to Confectionery Machinery

There are many types of confectionery machinery available, depending on the type of baking or packaging being done. Here is a guide to just some of the machinery that is used for confections.

Confectionery Machinery

Electric Food Sprayer

Electric food sprayers are used to apply things such as sauces, egg wash, chocolate, butter and glazes. By using this piece of equipment, it allows the process to go faster than doing it by hand. In addition, you get a more consistent result than doing it by hand and waste is reduced by about 60%.

Guitar Candy Slicer

A guitar candy slicer is perfect for cutting pates, candies, petit fours, marzipan and chocolate into neat and even squares or rectangular pieces. They are crafted from stainless steel and come with a trio of heavy duty cutting frames, also made from stainless steel, which are interchangeable.

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains seem to be everyone’s favourite at most events that have them. These fountains create a fun and eye-catching centrepiece. They are made from stainless steel with dipping areas that contain a heated basin to ensure the chocolate stays warm. There is an auger inside the fountain that is durable and it is what keeps the chocolate flowing continuously.

Confectionery Frame

Stainless steel confectionery frames are the perfect confectionery machinery. These frames are ideal for ensuring that you obtain the right amount of thickness in your candy and other confections.

Ruffle Maker

Ruffle makers are used by confectioners and bakers to make beautiful Ruffles. It makes creating Ruffles simple and easy that results in a hand made look. The mold allows an array of mediums to be used including rolled fondant and chocolate.

Lollipop Molds and Sticks

One of the best pieces of confectionery machinery are lollipop molds as well as sticks. These are used to create a wide variety of hard candy pops. These molds can withstand heat of up to 300 degrees so that various confections can be used including caramel toffee, tempered chocolate and hot sugar syrup.

Chocolate Shaver

A chocolate shaver is used to make decorative chocolate shavings fast and easily. It is made from stainless steel and features a unique design that has an angled surface and sharp curved blade that create cool looking chocolate curls.

Enrobing Bowl

Enrobing bowls are designed with double wall insulation technology. The bowl has a unique angle construction so that candy enrobing is made a lot easier because of ease of access for dipping tools to be used.

Sugar Pump

Sugar pumps are ideally used for working with sugar. It is constructed from rubber and features a copper nozzle.

Crème Brulee Torch

Crème Brulee torches are used with butane to prepare desserts, work with sugar and brown meringues. It has several features including an automatic ignition, safety lever that is child resistant, sizeable fuel capacity that also has the ability to be refilled, wide base that will not tip over, a control lever to adjust the flame and a rubberised body that is cool to the touch.

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