An Overview of Industrial Food Machinery

Industrial Food Machinery

Industrial food machinery is meant to aid workers in manufacturing food that is sent to grocery stores all over the country. Each machine has its own purpose and understanding the food manufacturing industry is much easier when one knows the facts about each piece of equipment. Here are a few of the machines used and the role each one plays in production of food.

Pulse Processing Machines

Pulse processing machines are used for foods that fall into the category of grains. Their purpose is to process foods such as lentils and various types of seeds. These foods are split, polished or de -husked, depending on the specific type of food. The machine gets its name because it is also used to process pulse, which is made up of various sized, coloured and shaped leguminous crops. Foods considered to be leguminous crops are beneficial because they provide people with healthy oils and protein. It is also common for these crops to be used in animal feed. A typical leguminous crop offers the same health benefits that soil offers. When these crops are processed, they are sorted, scoured and graded.

Pulverising Machines

Other industrial food machinery includes equipment used to pulverise. These machines are also used for crushing and grinding as well. Using blades, hammers or a beater they can process foods for animals and people. Some of the specific types of machine that fall under the category of pulverising machines include; impact, wet, jacketed mini, multi and dry pulverisers. Hammer and spice mills are also considered pulverising machines. Their job is to expand on a machine’s capabilities when it comes to grinding ingredients for food.

Vibrating/Rotating Screens

In the food industry, vibrating and rotating screens have high capabilities when it comes to manufacturing ingredients such as fruit juice, powdered milk, ground and spice powders, yeast, starch, MSG, salt and sugar.

Industrial Blenders & Mixers

Industrial blenders are mixers are also important pieces of equipment within the food industry. They produce liquid coatings that are identical to each other in a quick amount of time without compromising the quality. Separate products blended in the same machine are never able to mix together, as the machine keeps each one isolated from the others. An industrial strength blender is one which thoroughly blends the added ingredients each time it is used. Throughout the cycle that occurs when the blender is in operation, any material placed into the blender stays in motion until the process is completed. Batches of material are never compromised by each other’s presence.

Spaghetti Processing Machines

One of the most widely used pieces of industrial food machinery is spaghetti processing machines. To make spaghetti, the machine has to mix together the necessary ingredients, extrude, dry and then package the food. The cooling system in a spaghetti processing machine is designed to keep the food fresh while it is being manufactured. Its drying system is made up of an internal fan that avoids needing a separate motor.

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