Cake Decorating Machines

Decommatic Machines

Uses: Chocolate sauce, cream, jam, etc

Top decorate continuous running products
Various viscosity liquids can be used for decorations
Stainless Steel construction

Vibratory Top Decoration Unit

Uses: Nuts, Chocolate, Sugar etc

Automatic dispersal of top decoration for cakes, etc
Can be used with a wide variety of toppings
The unit gives a far greater degree of accuracy on the deposited weight and finish compared to hand decorating.
The diffuser tubes can be changed easily to suit the required product size.
A catch tray under the decorating area enables the small over spill of top decoration to be collected and reused.

Whatever cake equipment you require for your cake production line give Perrett and Kane a call today. We have over 40 years’ experience delivering cake machines to the bakery industry that automate the production line and save clients huge amounts of money.

Our cake decorating machinery will quickly pay for themselves and provide clients with superb returns on investment.



Designers and manufacturers of a range of cake decorating machines for the bakery industry, Perrett and Kane will work closely with you to create a bespoke solution for your cake production line.

Our cake baking equipment can be designed to cover cakes in chocolate, nuts, icing sugar or any other toppings required.

We will take your exact product and pre-test it on an existing cake machine to ensure it can handle the viscosity/ shape of the cake decoration materials.

All Cake Equipment UK made – Perrett and Kane are proud to deliver highly durable and precisely engineered cake machines that are designed and built in the UK by highly skilled cake equipment engineers.

By using an automated process you reduce your manpower needs and generate extra profits. This also protects staff too. One client found a production line worker lying on the floor, covered in ‘hundreds and thousands’ – it turned the lady had ‘topped’ herself 🙂

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