Hand Operated Markers

Uses: Cake, Icing, Marzipan etc.

  • Hand held unit with interchangeable cutting heads
  • Air eject system to help with the removing of the cut shape
  • Manufactured using highly durable stainless steel and food quality polypropylene
  • Lightweight design to prevent operator strain and RSI


Hand Markers


All our hand operated markers are tailor-made to strict specific client requirements.

Manufactured from highest quality stainless steel and food grade polypropylene.

For all you shape stamper requirements please get in touch.



Hand operated markers are used for pushing into icing to act as an assembly guide for patterns on the top of cakes.

Perrett and Kane will manufacture bespoke hand markers to your exact design.

All markers and other machinery is designed and manufactured in the UK by our highly experienced team of commercial bakery equipment engineers.


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