Photo Cake Icing Production Line

The P&K Photo Cake Icing Production Line is an electrical and pneumatically actuated line designed to accept various mixes of food icing materials. This enables the material to be processed in such a way that it can be laid onto a continuous backing sheet and cut into numerous lengths and widths as required by the customer.

The complete line has been designed for maximum safety and ease of use.  Hygiene and maintenance are always important factors in our designs as we strive to make our machinery in every department, as easy to use and maintain as humanly possible.



The photo cake toppers production line is made up of the following items, all of which are required for the line to run successfully:

  • Incline Metal Detector Conveyor
  • 360 Widths P&K Sheeter
  • Finishing Rollers Assembly
  • Inclined Vacuum Conveyor
  • Rotary Knife Assembly
  • Vacuum Take Away Conveyor

Depending on the consistency of your icing recipe, a thickness of around twenty four thousandths of an inch can be achieved on the finished product.  The line is capable of running at twenty to forty feed per minute.


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