Shape Stamper

1 and 2 Dimensional
Shape Stampers

Uses: Cake, Icing, Marzipan, Pastry, Beefburger Mixes etc.

  • Cuts down the cost of producing moulded components
  • Substantially cheaper than conventional drum machine design
  • A single row of finished mouldings every three to four seconds
  • As much detail as required in your design friendly mould
  • Your unique designs can be recreated as shape boards in a matter of weeks
  • One and two dimensional boards can be run on the same machine to improve efficiency
  • Used in conjunction with a 460mm width sheeter
  • Boards can be changed quickly and easily
  • Easy access is the unit via four doors which are incorporated into the machines safety system
  • An overhead conveyor returns waste mix back into the sheeter
  • Air eject to assist removal of moulded shapes
  • Easy transfer of shapes into carrier trays
  • A second cutting head can be added to the machine during build to allow the cutting of cake sponges for trifle pots, etc.

Perrett & Kane manufacture everything in-house; from bespoke food machinery right down to hand operated markers.
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Perrett and Kane create Shape Stamper boards for clients to enable them to automate the time consuming process of shape stamping.

Our boards work seamlessly with sheeter machines to produce row after row of 1 and 2D shapes every few seconds.

The process of shape stamping by hand is so laborious that it does not need a large production line to make these shape stampers cost effective.

Call us to discuss you production line to discover how much money you could save by installing one of our shape stampers.

The return on investment for these machines is normally very quick indeed and then it is all extra profit from those countless man hours saved.

Plus, machines don’t get RSI (repetitive strain injury)!

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