Uses: Fondant Icing, Marzipan, Pastry, Beef Burgers etc.

  • Two 1.5kw variable speed drives giving paste speed 3-21ft / min
  • Designed with hygiene in mind
  • Independent drives for top & bottom rollers
  • Tacho read out for roller speeds
  • Designed to run independently or fitted to shape cutter machine
  • Stainless steel construction


Perrett and Kane produce many types of sheeter for their food manufacturing equipment clientele.

A food Sheeter can be manufactured and supplied for all kinds of uses:

  • Fondant sheeters
  • Icing sheeters
  • Pastry sheeters
  • Marzipan
  • Cream
  • Jam

…and many more depending on prior testing.

A sheeter for fondant requires pre-testing as every clients recipe is unique; with varying levels of viscosity, thickness and stickiness.

Every pastry, icing and fondant sheeter UK designed and manufactured by specialist food manufacturing engineers.

Perrett and Kane will pre-test your exact product on an existing sheeter machine so we can clarify that the production line will run smoothly for you.

Requirements for a fondant sheeter are different for an icing or pastry sheeter, therefore Perrett and Kane design machines that are completely bespoke. These can be different sheet lengths or different roller sizes and we are able to cut the sheet into lanes if required.

Our standard sheeters can be used on one production line to produce a product with jam and cream layers e.g swiss roll.

3 Roll Sheeter

Uses: Fondant, Icing, Marzipan, Pastry, Cream, Chocolate, Jam, Beef Burgers etc.

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Two 1.5kw variable speed drives giving paste speed 3-21ft / min.
  • Each machine is designed with hygiene in mind.
  • Independent drives for top & bottom rollers.
  • Tacho read out for roller speeds.
  • Designed to run independently or fitted to shape cutting machine.
  • Hopper safety switch protected by BTI safety system.
  • Access for hand turning rollers for cleaning
  • Electrical panel completely mobile
  • All sheeters have vary thickness control between 3mm – 20mm
  • Replaceable wear plates made form 1000 grade polyethelene
  • Compact design – 760mm wide x 1.5m for 460 machine (sheeters from 300mm up to 800mm wide)
  • Large gap between rollers maintains pressure without bridging in conjunction with the hopper design.
  • Toggle bar fitted with safety switch Transfer blade quick release and pre-set
  • Quick release pressure bar Carden shaft drive to adjustable roller
  • Slide coupling for easy removal of bottom roller Bottom roller drive
  • Sprag clutch for hand turning when cleaning
  • Robust drive Standard component bearings


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