How to Roll Your Fondant Using the Fondant Sheeter UK

A fondant sheeter UK helps you in your bakery business by rolling out the fondant into smooth sheets of uniform thickness in a matter of few minutes. The process which would otherwise have taken a while if done by hand is completed, not only faster, but in high quality and seamless perfection in fondant sculpting. Fondant sheets are used by bakeries that make wedding cakes and large ornamental cakes, which involve the spreading of a large quantity of fondant smoothly over the surface.

Fondant Sheeter UK

Fondant sheeters UK rolls out the sugary icing mix evenly without any flaws to create a satin smooth finish. Hand rolling is easier said than done, considering the tendency of fondant to go out of shape easily. The challenging part is when the fondant has to be spread out evenly before drying, after which the strips are cut and laid on the cake.

Fondant sheeter UK are available in various sizes and work by flattening the dough passed in between the rollers. The machines work on the same principle as the hand cranked pasta press and are quite easy to set up. The price of fondant sheeters go up with size, and large commercial grade sheeters that are used in medium to large bakeries, bread baking units and pizza houses are some of the high-end models.

Although you can use any type of dough in fondant sheeters, the most commonly used types are the cake fondant and pastry dough. The sheeters have a pair of rollers that rotate in opposite directions and pinch-point adjustments to regulate the thickness of the pastry sheet.

Fondant sheeter UK vary in size for different applications and the roller sizes can range from a few inches to several feet in length. Larger and heavier rollers might need more personnel to adjust the pinch point gap as the rollers along with the plates and assemblies can weigh more than 1000 pounds.

There are small and handy models for home use as well which are well suited for rolling out small quantities of fondant. These can be operated in small work spaces and produce fondant of up to 10 inches in diameter. Fondant sheeters are made of food service grade stainless steel and are designed for safety and speed. The safety sensors would shut off the mechanism automatically in cases of accidents, while synthetic rollers can prevent fondant build-up, ensuring continuous and hassle-free operation.


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